Softwaretechnik Praktikum 2012( Projektausschreibungen )

Sebastian Tramp und Natanael Arndt / AKSW @ IfI 24.11.2011


Social Network Aggregationa SWP12 project proposal

Via: Morgan Stanley Internet Trends Report April 12, 2010

Social Network Aggregation: Problem Description

Integrate email into Social Networks

Integrate Social Networks into email


Mockup using Google Mail and jQuery Lifestream Example

Technical Considerations

Semantic Filesharinga SWP12 project proposal

The Social Web as we know it

Illustration by David Simonds, via Design Issues: Socially Aware Cloud Storage (by Tim Berners-Lee - August 2009)

Illustration by Randall Munroe (Oktober 2009)

The Social Web as we know it

In: Visualizing Friendships (by Paul Butler - December 2010)

The Semantic Web

... in one slide.

a web of data that can be processed directly and indirectly by machines


With Semantic Web / Linked Data Technologies, we can achieve …

  1. Portability through de-centrally shared open vocabularies.
  2. Identity though Uniform Resource Identifier (URI/IRI) and the architecture of the WWW.
  3. Linkability as a consequence of 2) as well as 1).
  4. Privacy though transport layer security and de-centralization.

a Distributed Semantic Social Network

Semantic Filesharing

an (incomplete) feature list:

Technical Considerations

Comprehensive preliminary (PHP) projects:

There are similar projects available for other technology stacks, so PHP is not mandatory.

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