Eat your own dog food ( Relaunch )

Sebastian Tramp / AKSW @ Reading Group 11.10.2011


6 Years ago …

$ cp
I basicly copied the wiki from my old employer and everybody was happy.

Crude, but effective

$ cp
$ cp
$ cp
$ cp
This was fine for any basic page with no specific requirements and an agile content creation team. Now I would maybe use DokuWiki.



The OntoWiki site extension

The OntoWiki site extension

Overview and integration of the site extension

General Mode of Operation

Main Resource Content

Helper Markup

Markup Helper: query

# Funded Projects
ASKW is funded by regional, national and European research funding programmes.
{{query where="?resourceUri a aksw:FundedProject." template="abstract"}}
Markdown content enhanced with the query helper

Markup Helper: query

Example Resource:

Other markup helper

Documentation available here:

Current State: Classes

Current State: General Properties

Current State: Demo (works currently only on my computer)

Next Steps


Migration and Relaunch

Thank you for your Attention!

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